brings you not just a festival but a “I want to go again” experience and be part of the enjoyment with 1000’s of people each year. This is a great way to celebrate the best entertainment, special food, games, and celebrate different cultures. The special events provide enjoyment, fun, entertainment, and they bring people together for occurring enjoyment and causes. These Festivals create an environment where EVERYONE can ENJOY
"It’s always sunny in Cali”. 

Do you want to enjoy a moment with a great feel, LOOK no more as we bring you Tatas and Tequila no need to go to Tacos and Tequila because we have more then that. Coming to a City near you and with all the great Live Music, Food, Beer, Margaritas and Tequila Tastings. Tatas & Tequila "It's going to be HUGE" (No plan intended).

*10% of Net  proceeds will be donated for Breast Cancer Research

"Always Sunny in Cali"

June 23, 2019/ 11-6pm El Chorro Regional Park, San Luis Obispo, Ca.

"Two wrongs don't make a right ... but two margaritas usually do!"
Join us at our Margarita Taco Festival on a Saturday June 23, 2019 from 11 p.m. to 6 p.m.! 

Quench your thirst with a variety of Margaritas! Satisfy your tummy with some mouth watering tacos, Sitting next to Pelican Lake. Come have a great time, eat, drink, dance or just chill! 

APRIL 2019/ 12-5pm Hillcrest @ Wilber, Thousand Oaks, Ca.



June , 2019/ 11-6pm Central Park, Santa Clarita, Ca.

The Strawberry Tequila Festival will be filled with Strawberry Magic, live music, tequila tastings, margaritas, Beer, and fun activities for the entire Family! Revolving around great live music. A great selection of food and shopping with crafts vendors, and did we mention Margaritas and Tequila Tastings?! Tastings are 11am-3pm only so get there on time! 
Come have a great time, eat, drink, dance or just chill! Don’t forget your chairs and bring out the whole family!  Parking is NOT included and charged by the park.